We believe that Mississippi teens can be smart about their sexual health when they have access to high-quality, evidence-based information to inform their decisions. To make it easier for youth to learn about birth control and STI prevention options, plus how to access them, Teen Health Mississippi recently launched an online, interactive tool called Choose Your Method.

Choose Your Method Header and Filters

Visit Choose Your Method

How Choose Your Method Works

When visiting the Choose Your Method tool, you have the option to filter through different birth control and STI prevention methods based on different criteria, like if the method is a form of pregnancy prevention or if it doesn’t require a doctor visit. From there, visitors can click on each method to get more information.

Pregnancy Prevention Methods
  • Learn which options are most effective at preventing pregnancy
  • See an estimated price, if it qualifies for Medicaid, common brands, and where to access it
  • Get the basics about how to use each method and how long you can use it

Website visitors will also find essential tips about visiting a clinic and how to communicate with their partner—ensuring that teens are better prepared to make their own choices.

Help Us Spread the Word

Empower your peers! Choose Your Method was created as a resource for youth in Tunica, Quitman, Coahoma, and Tate counties, and we welcome all Mississippi youth to use it and share it with their friends.

Teen Health Mississippi also encourages youth-serving adults and healthcare professionals to share the new tool as part of their counsel on birth control and STI prevention. Together, we can help teens attain their highest levels of health.

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