This has been a good, busy, and at times challenging year for Teen Health Mississippi (THMS). Mississippi has had a year with tough moments, including the state legislature passing a law to take out the expiration date on the current sex ed law to the tornadoes in Rolling Fork and Silver City that affected communities we serve in the Delta. Even so, we pushed forward in our work to connect more youth and their communities to a variety of supports, ranging from mental and sexual health support to financial support. 

Earlier this year, the THMS staff and board of directors simplified our vision and mission. 

We have lived that mission through the 41 young people who have served on our councils and advisory boards:

  • The MYVoice cohort (peer-to-peer sex education)
  • Project Mind Elevation. (leverages social media to connect more young people to sexual and mental healthcare resources)
  • MYCouncil (advocates for sex ed and youth-friendly healthcare)
  • MYInnovation (works on finding solutions to help young people who have HIV or are at risk of getting it) 
  • More2Me (uses motivational interviewing and other strategies to help juvenile-justice-involved youth plan for their futures)

In 2023:

  • Over 1 million youth and trusted adults participated in trainings, saw and interacted with our digital content, attended MYSummit, and more.
  • 8,445 youth benefited from mental and sexual health and youth-friendly healthcare resources and information.
  • Nearly 2,500 youth received or downloaded resource booklets connecting them to youth-friendly healthcare, mental healthcare, sexual and reproductive healthcare resources and information, and resources for expectant and parenting young people.
  • People used the Choose Your Method cards and filters 2,971 times to learn about their options for pregnancy and STI prevention. 
  • MYSummit had the largest attendance ever, with 83 participants, and was extended to three days of learning topics like about being global change agents, using the power of relationship to mobilize others, and advocating for oneself.
  • The MYSummit Seed Grant went to Finn McKenny and their host organization, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham, to support The Bloom Project, which is looking to create a community for LGBTQ+ youth in Birmingham that will help them prosper and spread awareness about mental health and sex education specifically for that community.

What’s Next

In 2024, support from our donors will further expand initiatives into more communities and even across state lines.  We’re energized now more than ever to continue to be a part of the change for the betterment of youth and the communities they serve. Our supporters provide a strong foundation that puts  youth at the forefront of leading innovation and change.  Together, we are positioned for greatness in 2023 and beyond!

Giving Tuesday

Be part of our team today for Giving Tuesday! Your gift helps sustain our work for healthy youth and whole communities. Let us know if you want your gift to support our Trusted Adult Training Series, Youth Initiatives, or Advocacy and Policy work!  Or, we’ll apply your gift where it can have the greatest impact.

Like a dropping water making ripples in a pond, your one gift can lead to great change in the lives of young people and their communities. Giving back helps us move forward.

How can you contribute?

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