This has been a hard season for many businesses and organizations, and Teen Health Mississippi is no exception. But even through the turmoil of the past few months, we know that our work is still important, especially during a major public health crisis. It’s also important in this season to raise awareness for those fighting COVID-19 and helping our communities. This is why we need your help.

What Is the #MSGivingForGood Campaign?

Starting July 4-7, Teen Health Mississippi (THMS) will participate in MSGivingForGood’s campaign Lean on Me: A Celebration of Gratitude and Generosity. The campaign will honor members of the military, COVID-19 essential employees, first responders, healthcare workers, educators, elected officials, volunteers, caregivers, and charitable organizations. The event will consist of three days of gratitude from July 4-6 and one day of generosity on July 7.

During the days of gratitude, participants are encouraged to post photos of loved ones who are on the front lines of shaping communities, share links to learn more about opportunities to make a difference, recognize charities (like THMS) who are making a difference, and more.

During one day of generosity on July 7, participants can post a story about how a charitable organization has been meaningful in their lives, find ways to volunteer, donate, and reach out to charitable organizations.

THMS will be one of the featured nonprofits for the event, along with organizations like We Will Go Ministries, Hope House of Hospitality, NAMI Mississippi, and Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

How to Participate in the Social Media Campaign

So how exactly can you help? Join the campaign by connecting with us! Talk about our work on social media and how it’s impacted you. Tell people why the work we do is important. Tell us how we’ve impacted you, and we’ll tell your story. Use the hashtags #teenhealthms and #msgivingforgood, and we’ll post it to our social media.

If you want to take it a step further, then start a fundraiser on Facebook and encouraging your friends and family to contribute to our mission. Our work is focused around giving youth access to high-quality sex education and youth-friendly healthcare, both of which are important even, and especially, in the middle of a public health crisis.

In April, we started a COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to help support Mississippi youth who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. To date, we have awarded $11,000 to more than 150 youth across the state. 

“We want to support youth so they can make informed, healthy decisions that positively impact their life trajectory. When youth make decisions because they are hungry or lack shelter, they may respond in ways that address the immediate need but that may jeopardize their overall well-being.” — Dr. Hope Crenshaw, Teen Health Mississippi Executive Director

Teen Health Mississippi is a 501c3 with a mission to give young people in Mississippi access to high-quality sex education and youth-friendly healthcare. We know that when youth have the resources they need, everyone benefits. Consider making a donation today to help us support our youth. Learn more about the Lean on Me social media campaign or visit MSGivingforGood for more information.

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