Teen Health Mississippi (THMS) proudly announces the launch of its transformative mission and vision, signaling a significant shift towards equitable health outcomes for youth and communities through a comprehensive and holistic approach to youth well-being.

The Journey Towards Holistic Well-being

Founded with a focus on sex education and youth-friendly health care, THMS recognizes the necessity to embrace holistic approaches to address the myriad challenges faced by young people. The organization will now actively pursue equitable and supportive healthcare, community- and school-based sex education, mental health supports, innovation in youth-led programming, youth advocacy, workforce development, and leadership/life skills for all youth, including justice-involved and expectant/parenting youth.

Dr. Hope Crenshaw, Executive Director of Teen Health Mississippi, emphasizes the importance of providing resources and information to support youth on their journey to adulthood.

“We plan to build those resources for and with youth,” she states.

Healthy Youth, Whole Communities

THMS prioritizes youth voices for equitable health outcomes, empowering advocates to shape programs and initiatives. Their impact extends from legislation advocacy to inclusive education. Collaborating with adults, THMS provides training, building the capacity of trusted adults and youth-serving organizations. They believe enhancing youth lives contributes to building healthier, happier, and whole communities.

Expanding Impact Across Regions

While the primary focus remains on Mississippi, THMS has witnessed an increasing number of young people from the Southeast and other parts of the U.S. joining the movement to uplift youth leaders’ voices. Poised to impact beyond state borders, THMS eagerly seeks collaborations to advocate for youth, regardless of geographical location.

A Call to Action

As THMS unveils this transformative vision, it extends an invitation to others committed to youth well-being. The organization is ready to collaborate and advocate for youth wherever there is an opportunity to make a positive impact.

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Amber Helsel

About Teen Health Mississippi:

Teen Health Mississippi is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and supporting young people on their journey to adulthood by providing comprehensive health education and resources. Note to Editors: Interviews and additional information are available upon request.

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