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For Healthcare Providers

There are many components of appropriate healthcare services and protocols for young persons. The following are best-practices for youth-friendly healthcare services, which were drawn on research from four key sources (see bottom of page for sources):

  • Accessible and Affordable Services: Ensure that services are affordable and accessible for teens
  • Confidentiality: Assure that young people have confidential access to contraceptive services
  • Reproductive and Sexual Health Care: Establish teen-specific protocols for reproductive & sexual health services
  • Staff Development: Ensure staff’s well-being and professional development
  • Title X Health Center: Health centers that are funded through Title X funds

Teen Health Mississippi is working to train healthcare providers throughout the state on youth-friendly healthcare services that will help them provide the care and services young persons need. These trainings will emphasize the best-practices listed above that have been found through research to be important components of appropriate services for adolescents and young adults.