Changing health outcomes for teens takes commitment and community. That’s why we’re asking you to join us in this race. You can help ensure young people have access to the life-saving resources and information they need to make decisions for their futures.

Change is a marathon, not a sprint. But your support can help us get ahead in this race.

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A marathon is a long distance, and that means there are plenty of chances along the way to get involved and support the race for change.

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Let your friends and followers know about this race for change and the impact they can have on improving health outcomes for young people. Download our social media kit for ways to take the lead by spreading the word to your followers and amplifying messages from Teen Health Mississippi.

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Get Your Gear

You can’t run a race without the proper gear! Show your support with one of our “Mississippians for Sex Ed” T-shirts and let everyone know you’re in this race to win it. Visit our store to order your tee. All proceeds help Mississippi youth advocate for high-quality sex education in their schools.

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A Marathon for Lives and Futures

We’re living in uncertain times. A seemingly never-ending global health crisis and countless natural disasters have devastated communities in Mississippi. Our young people are scared. And their education and mental health hang in the balance.

When teens are scared, they’re more likely to make risky decisions. We see this in the increase in STIs and teen pregnancy rates. They’re in a marathon for their lives and futures.

And we’ve joined them in the race to create change in the lives of Mississippi’s young people. Take a moment with us to imagine a Mississippi where all of our young people have access to the essential knowledge, skills, resources, and support they need to grow into healthy adults and move communities forward. Now — let’s get in the race to make it happen together!