Teen Health Mississippi is looking for passionate young people who want to make a difference. Is that you? If so, we are currently accepting applications.

Join a Youth Movement

Mississippi Youth Council

The Mississippi Youth Council (MYCouncil) is looking for youth activists ages 15 to 21 from across Mississippi that support high-quality comprehensive sex education for all young people. MYCouncil works to ensure that young people have a voice in the debate around what gets taught in our schools by raising awareness among their peers, advocating for comprehensive sex education in Mississippi schools, and empowering youth across Mississippi to get involved.

Mind Elevation Project 

The Mind Elevation (ME.) Project is looking for youth influencers ages 13 to 19 from across the state of Mississippi to help promote youth access to high-quality mental, sexual, and reproductive health services and resources. Youth Influencers will address a variety of topics facing youth, including but not limited to: relationships, consent, depression, anxiety, birth control access, body confidence, LGBTQ allyship, and friendship. Apply Now →

Mississippi Youth Voice

Mississippi Youth Voice (MYVoice) is looking for youth ages 13 to 19 that support comprehensive sex education for all young people. MYVoice members will lead a peer education program in which they will develop comprehensive sex education lessons and teach the lessons to youth in their communities. MYVoice peer educators will learn important facilitation and classroom management skills to help them become effective sex educators.

What We Offer

  • A generous monthly stipend for your commitment
  • Information and skills that you will be able to capitalize on throughout your school and work career
  • Collaboration and connections with Teen Health Mississippi staff and project staff
  • The opportunity to meet, work with, and learn from other amazing young leaders from across the state
  • A fun and exciting experience all while making a difference!

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