The Mind Elevation (ME.) Project consists of youth influencers across the state who help promote youth access to high-quality mental health and wellness and sexual and reproductive health and wellness. These influencers address a variety of topics facing youth, including but not limited to: relationships, consent, depression, anxiety, birth control access, body confidence, LGBTQ allyship, and friendship.

“During my time with ME., I learned about mental health challenges and how they can take a toll on the people surrounding me, including my daughter Journee. The mental health of teenage mothers matters, and with ME. I have gained the voice to speak out.”

Nankecia Bell, ME. Influencer

“ME. is something amazing because it focuses on so many real-life problems. We [teens] all are dealing with problems and having something like ME. really comes in handy. I’m really excited about being part of the project.”

Marchellos Scott, ME. Influencer

Mind Elevation Goals

  • Increase knowledge of Mississippi youth ages 13 to 19 in ways that support youth mental health and wellness and sexual and reproductive health and wellness.
  • Build a statewide networking strategy that is both on-the-ground and social media-driven to increase youth access to vetted, high-quality mental health and sexual and reproductive health resources.
  • Use the power of storytelling and illustrations to reflect the experiences of Mississippi youth.
  • Empower youth to get involved in their communities.

How to Apply

Ready to spread the word? We’re looking for Mississippi youth ages 13 to 19 to become youth influencers who can make a difference in communities across the state.

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