Teen Health Mississippi is made up of a team of passionate individuals who work to improve the sexual health of Mississippi teens.

“There are lots of organizations that are sex ed-based or do the work of sex ed, but they don’t center youth. They talk at youth and not participate with youth. We don’t just put them in a chair and lecture to them. We have them create what they think would help their community because they know best. They know what’s happening on the streets. They know what’s happening in their neighborhood. And they know how best to help us reach those goals.”
—Hope Crenshaw, Executive Director

Our Focus

We envision a Mississippi built on a foundation of healthy communities in which all teens have access to high-quality sex education and youth-friendly healthcare services. Learn more about our history and our mission, vision, and guiding principles.

Our Work

All of Teen Health Mississippi’s work is conducted in partnership with youth and falls within three primary domains:

  • Policy & Advocacy—We engage youth advocates and community stakeholders to increase awareness of important policies relating to teen sexual health and champion policies at state, local, and organizational levels that improve teen sexual health.
  • Training & Capacity Building—We provide training and resources to build the capacity of youth-serving adults and organizations to effectively implement strategies, programs, and services that are guided by research and key positive youth development practices.
  • Programs & Initiatives—We support the implementation of programs and strategies that are informed by research and best practices that target risk and protective factors that influence teen sexual health.

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