Teen Health Mississippi has created a variety of resources for teens learning about, advocating for, or choosing to practice safe sex, including the free Safe Sex With ME. kit. We can also recommend additional outside resources on sexual health for teens to expand your knowledge.

Choose Your Method

Choose Your Method tool

There are lots of ways to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), but which method is right for your body and lifestyle? Choose Your Method is an online contraception and STI prevention tool to help you filter through options based on your needs, how to access them, and how they work.

Choose Your Method

Make a Difference

You can be a part of the change when you use your voice. Join our youth programs to get involved advocating for change in sexual health and education for other teens.

Join the Movement

Get LinkedUp

LinkedUp is a Teen Health Mississippi program that helps connect students transitioning from high school to healthcare services as they go on to college or whatever their plans are after high school, including going to work or entering the military.

Download the LinkedUp Guide

Find Resources for Expecting & Parenting Youth

As part of the Pregnancy Assistance Fund, we created resource guides for expecting and parenting youth throughout various regions of Mississippi. They include details on your rights, resources available in your county, and tips for taking care of yourself.

Safe Sex With ME. Kit

Complete the form below to order a free Safe Sex with ME. Kit! Each kit comes with all the proper tools you’ll need to play it safe, like:

  • 2 internal/ external condoms (penis/vagina)
  • 2 packs of lube
  • 1 how-to guide
  • 1 dental dam
  • 1 finger cot
  • 1 pair of SafeSox

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  • An external condom is best for someone with a penis. An internal condom is best for someone with a vagina.
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Additional Resources for Teens

We didn’t create the following resources about sexual health and education, but many of the teens we’ve worked with have found them useful.


Bedsider is an online support network for people using or interested in using birth control. The website includes a wealth of information about birth control and encourages you to take an active role in your sexual health.

Sex, Etc.

Sex, Etc. offers honest and accurate information on sexual health. Their resources include a magazine and blog exploring personal stories from other teens and timely sexual health topics, plus forums to connect with other teens and opportunities to get involved with advocacy.

Fact Not Fiction 

Fact Not Fiction, a project of The Women’s Foundation of Mississippi and the Mississippi State Department of Health, provides medically accurate information about sex to Mississippi teens. They partner with nurses at the University of Mississippi Medical Center to ensure accurate information and advice.

Advocates for Youth

Advocates for Youth works alongside young people advocating for progress on issues like HIV, sex education, emergency contraception, and more. They encourage youth participation and awareness on these issues.