Teen Health Mississippi has partnered with Answer, a national sex education organization out of Rutgers University, to provide online workshops for sex education instructors in Mississippi. These online workshops help instructors increase their baseline knowledge on adolescent sexual health issues and comfort and preparedness in teaching sex education. These workshops are offered for FREE to instructors trained on a CHART curriculum and allow instructors to set their own pace while learning content and skills that will help them more effectively teach sex education.

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We are offering eight different Answer online workshops for CHART educators and coordinators:

  • STD Basics: Increase your general knowledge of STDs and your ability to develop compelling ways to pass this information to young people through engaging lesson plans, high-quality resources, and guidance from our online instructor.
  • Sexuality ABCs: Increase your understanding of contraceptive methods, debunk common myths about pregnancy, and learn how to teach lessons that are designed to help reduce rates of unintended teen pregnancy.
  • LGBTQ Issues in Schools: Increase your knowledge of LGBTQ issues, appropriate language, common misconceptions, and how to make the school environment more inclusive for all students.
  • Boys & Sex Ed: Increase your understanding of how boys think, feel, and learn; their unique sexual health needs; and the necessary tools for teaching in ways that resonate specifically with them.
  • Relationship Skills for Teens: Mating, Dating and Deliberating will increase your capacity to educate young people about developing healthy relationships as well as explore consent, technology, and social media.
  • Sexual Anatomy and Response: This workshop helps middle and high school health professionals teach young people how their bodies work, so students have the foundation to learn about other sexuality-related topics, like pregnancy and STD prevention.
  • Puberty and Adolescent Development: Growing Pains and GainsIncrease your knowledge of the changes commonly associated with puberty and go beyond the basics for a more complete picture of adolescence. At the end of this workshop, you will feel equipped to speak with students about some of the more challenging aspects of adolescence, like developing healthy self-concept, addressing negative influences, and making more independent decisions.
  • Personal Safety: Knowing Signs and Drawing Lines: Teach Your Students About Consent and Sexual Assault. Do you have the most up-to-date information about consent and sexual assault? Register for Answer’s six-hour, instructor-led online workshop Personal Safety: Knowing Signs and Drawing Lines to educate your students about boundaries and consent.

Register for Answer Online Workshop


Your registration and participation in these Answer online workshops is FREE ($150 value)!!! The registration fee is covered by the same grant that funds the CHART initiative.


You will have 30 days to complete each workshop for which you register. Each workshop takes about six hours to complete, but some participants may take slightly more or less time to complete them depending on their pace. You can complete each workshop at your own pace and at times that are convenient for your busy schedule.


Continuing Education Units (6 contact hours or 0.6 CEUs) will be provided for any participant that completes an online workshop within 30 days and scores at least 80% on the post-test. Participants receive their certificate in PDF form via email usually within 48 hours of completing the workshop. Also, participants that are Certified Health Education Specialists will earn category 1 CHES credit.

If you have any questions about these online workshops and/or how to register, please contact Patrina Williams at patrina@teenhealthms.org.