"Teen Health Mississippi has helped me to be more vigilant and more open to new ideas, and it allows me to voice my opinion."

— Kimberly Davis, MYCouncil member

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What happens when you take 10 Mississippi youth and ask them to advocate for better sex ed in schools? Progress. Mississippi Youth Council offers a platform to talk about why you believe in the need for comprehensive sex education.

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ME. Influencers

To inform is to influence. And using social media is a powerful way to support Mississippi youth when it comes to sexual health and mental well-being. Influencers with the Mind Elevation (ME.) Project are making a difference, one post at a time.

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Our youth partners in MYInnovation develop interventions that increase access to treatment and preventative healthcare services for young people living with or at risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

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The Mobilizing Youth Summit (MYSummit) is a three-day advocacy summit for young people who are aspiring world changers. The summit brings together 100 young people from across the southeastern region to engage with other youth advocates, city leaders, entrepreneurs, policy experts, and social activists. Attendees will participate in immersive workshops, thought-provoking roundtables, and inspiring keynotes, all while building their network of fellow changemakers who are working toward change in their local communities.

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Mississippi Youth Voice Educators (MYVoice) are a group of 10 passionate youth partners from Coahoma, Harrison, and Hinds Counties who support and promote high-quality comprehensive sex education for all young people. Selected youth will work closely with Teen Health Mississippi project staff to design a peer sex education model that can be used to educate their peers in sexual and reproductive health education.

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Looking for a birth control or STI prevention method? Or want to share the information with others? Check out our new online tool that helps teens decide what’s best based on their needs, how to access each option, cost and more.

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