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Focused Pregnancy Prevention for Mississippi Teens (Focus4Teens) Project Coordinator/ Director of Community Engagement

Reporting to the Focus4Teens Project Director (Executive Director of THMS), the Project Coordinator will spend 90% of the time supporting Teen Health Mississippi’s (THMS) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) 5-year cooperative agreement to work with publicly funded health centers and youth-serving systems to reduce teen pregnancy among youth from vulnerable populations in Coahoma, Quitman, and Tunica Counties in the Mississippi Delta. The Project Coordinator will support the Project Director and work in collaboration with the Focus4Teens Implementation Team, including the Project Evaluator, Program and Clinical TA Provider(s), and a national Training and Technical Assistance Provider (T&TA provider) to

  • Oversee the project and all deliverables;
  • Maintain relationships in the community;
  • Ensure the project is being run as intended; and
  • Coordinate evaluation requirements.

To review the entire job description and application, click here.

Application Requirements and Process


  • A cover letter,
  • Recent resume,
  • Employment Application Form,
  • Contact information for three professional references who can speak to the candidate’s work ethic and character. (NOTE: At least one reference must have directly supervised the candidate’s work.)


  • We will have a rolling application process, but applications received before November 1, 2018, will have priority. The position may be filled prior to that date.
  • Applicants should email their materials to contact@teenhealthms.org.
  • Once we have received all materials from a candidate, we will notify the candidate that we have a complete application.
  • After a review of applications received, we will schedule brief phone interviews with candidates meeting required qualifications. Candidates advancing to later stages of the process will be asked to respond to essay questions, a job-related task, and a final interview. Candidates may be rejected at any point in the process.
  • The interview process will include a thorough social media background check as well as civil and criminal background checks.

For more information, please contact contact@teenhealthms.org. JOB POSTED: 10/4/2018


Resource Director College Internship

  • Internship Dates: October 2018-January 2019
  • Time and Cost: The intern will work for 40 hours over the internship dates at a $10.00 hourly rate.
  • The THMS Resource Director will create a comprehensive resource directory that will link expectant and parenting teens to community based resources.  Resource topics include: Health Services, Social Services, Educational Services, and Supportive Services (see Appendix A for a complete listing of services).
  • The THMS Resource Director will ensure the accuracy of information included in the guide by using various method to verify information (e.g. calling resources or fact-checking information with those in the region).
  • The THMS Resource Coordinator will contact resources identified (through emails or phone calls) to ensure their agreement in being included in the directory.
  • The THMS Resource Coordinator will, in coordination with the THMS Youth Engagement Coordinator, ensure active input from teens, including expectant and parenting teens, which will be used to develop the directory. If you are interested in an internship at Teen Health Mississippi in teen health policy, sex education, or youth-friendly healthcare, please contact Teen Health Mississippi at contact@teenhealthms.org.

View the entire internship workplan.  JOB POSTING: 10/9/2018