Mississippi has some of the worst health outcomes when it comes to teen quality of life.  This includes, but is not limited to, some of the highest teen pregnancy rates and sexually transmitted infection rates in the country. It doesn’t have to be this way! THMS is working to lower those statistics. We believe all teens in MS deserve access to high quality education, resources, and information to attain their highest level of health.  This includes access to sex education, mental health information, physical health, and other pertinent information.

Our team works in partnership with Mississippi youth in hopes of fulfilling that vision. Our work falls primarily within three domains.:

Training and Capacity:  To build the capacity of youth serving adults to help youth achieve better health outcomes.  Our goal is to help schools, clinics, community and faith groups, and other entities adopt youth friendly and equitable practices, including providing judgment-free, age-appropriate, high quality, and medically accurate information, open and honest communication, and healthcare and education that are free from bias.

Programs and Initiatives: To build the capacity of youth to achieve better health outcomes both today and tomorrow.  First, THMS equips youth with practical, cognitive, and socio-emotional skills necessary for achieving a healthy future.  Second, we help youth acquire leadership skills they can use to advocate for health equity for themselves and their communities.

Policy and Advocacy:  To build capacity within (for + with) young people to advocate for promising policies and public solutions to achieve equitable health outcomes both locally and statewide. First, we listen to youth regarding the interests and challenges they face. Then, we co-develop action plans and opportunities with youth to address these needs, whether with legislators, community leaders, or with youth themselves.  Finally, youth carry out their strategies to positively impact the world both now and in the future.

We are an organization dedicated to ensuring access to equitable health outcomes for youth focused on research-based education, positive youth development, and making healthcare youth-friendly and inclusive in Mississippi. We know if we successfully serve and partner with youth, everyone benefits. Youth serve on our board of directors, drive our programming, and act as advisors when developing new training and resources.

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