To build capacity within youth and communities to attain equitable health outcomes.


Healthy Youth. Whole Communities.

Youth-Centered Approach

Teen Health Mississippi uses a 360-degree youth partnership model to increase youth access to information and resources for their health and well-being. We then work with trusted adults (parents, educators, counselors, healthcare providers, etc.) to empower youth to make informed decisions for their lives. We are an inclusive organization anchored in the universal principles of fairness, respect, and equity for all. We serve whole communities because when youth are healthy, whole communities benefit.

Guiding Principles

In service with and to the youth of Mississippi.

Without compromising this priority, we are also open and willing to serve youth wherever there is a need and opportunity.

Our team relies on seven guiding principles in carrying out our mission

We believe all young people deserve access to high quality, age appropriate, youth friendly, services, resources and information to attain equitable health outcomes.

We promote research-based best practices for teen health and well-being (e.g. sexual, mental, physical, socio-emotional) as guided by the scientific community.

We support the health and rights of teens, with a specific focus on developing quality relationships and open and honest dialogue between youth and supportive adults, while trusting that young people can make informed decisions about their health and lives.

We work for and in partnership with young people and their communities. We approach our work with enthusiasm and dedication.

We work to give youth a voice in matters that most affect them. As such, our trainings, advocacy, and programs are youth-informed and center on the experiences and needs of young people.

We affirm the universal principles of fairness, respect, and equity for all persons, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, class, sexual orientation, ability, or gender identity.

We are guided by the best interests of youth and the communities in which they live.We act with this in mind at all times and in all circumstances.

Key Topics of Interest

  • Inclusive, Equitable and Youth-Friendly Healthcare
  • School- and Community-Based Sex Education
  • Mental Health Supports
  • Innovation in Youth-Led Programming
  • Youth Advocacy
  • Leadership Skills and life skills for all youth, 
    • Including justice involved youth and 
    • Expectant and parenting youth.

Our Competitive Advantage

Developed by THMS Board and Staff

Teen Health Mississippi is a statewide organization which centers youth using a holistic 360-degree approach to provide high quality, research-based health programs. This unique competitive advantage is strengthened by our ongoing commitment to:

  • Focusing on helping youth achieve overall wellness (physical, emotional, mental, reproductive, and relational) as a critical outcome of our work.
  • Maintaining a talent pipeline to strengthen the leadership capacity of youth who may become members of our staff and assume other positions of leadership in the community.
  • Reclaiming the sense of village within our community by collaborating within our team and with trusted partners, while elevating youth voice.
  • Creating safe spaces where youth can take ownership of their health and healthcare with confidentiality and without judgment.
  • Being adaptive, flexible, and nimble in an ever-changing adolescent sexual health landscape.
  • Continuously investing in youth-centered and led education, empowerment, and advocacy.
  • Offering creative, innovative, and interactive programming and training.
  • Fostering creative visioning and collective advocacy with youth and partners.