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Creating Healthy and Responsible Teens (CHART) works to increase the number of districts offering high-quality “abstinence-plus” sex education policies and evidence-based, medically accurate, and age-appropriate programs in Mississippi public schools.

The goal of CHART is to reduce teen pregnancy, improve teen sexual health, and increase responsible decision-making. CHART works with school districts to provide teens evidence-based, medically accurate, and age-appropriate, abstinence-plus sex education.

Why is CHART Needed?

With the passage of House Bill 999 (HB 999) in the Mississippi Legislature in 2011, Mississippi sex education law changed. Since its passage, school districts are required to adopt and implement a sex education policy — either abstinence-plus or abstinence-only. However, HB 999 provided no additional funding to school districts to carry out this mandate.

Fortunately, Teen Health Mississippi and the Mississippi State Department of Health secured federal Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) funding, allowing school districts that choose an abstinence-plus education policy to implement the CHART program at no cost.

How It Works

CHART is not a curriculum. It’s an initiative that brings resources, tools, and technical assistance to districts free of cost through the PREP grant.

CHART collaborates with Mississippi school districts to increase adoption and implementation of abstinence-plus sex education policies and evidence-based, medically accurate, and age-appropriate programs. The CHART initiative is a partnership between Teen Health Mississippi and the Mississippi State Department of Health.

Learn more about the initiative by reviewing our information for districts and educators:

Contact Us

For more information and questions about CHART, contact Josh McCawley at or 601-398-9008.