The Pregnancy Assistance Fund Program is a partner program between Teen Health Mississippi and the Mississippi State Department of Health to help support expectant and parenting youth’s access to resources and services.

Through the Pregnancy Assistance Fund (PAF), we provide trainings and resources to service providers to build their capacity to support the unique needs of the expectant and parenting youth (EPY) they serve. That includes identifying and accessing the youth-friendly and high-quality medical, social, educational, and other services they need to be physically and emotionally healthy. 

PAF Trainings

We offer five trainings to service providers of expectant and parenting youth. PAF trainings are currently offered in an online format only, but THMS will offer them as in-person and online formats some time in the future. 

  • An Introduction to Working with Expectant and Parenting Youth (EPY) – Participants identify opportunities and challenges when serving expectant and parenting youth (EPY), learn the importance of refraining from imposing one’s values on EPY, and learn four universal values to utilize while working with EPY.
  • Building Trusting Relationships with Expectant and Parenting Youth (EPY) – Participants practice communication strategies and learn about youth-friendly healthcare in this interactive training.
  • Taking a Trauma-Informed Approach When Serving Expectant and Parenting Youth (EPY) – Participants will learn about the types of trauma, the impact of trauma on a young person’s mental and sexual health, and trauma-informed care practices that can used with EPY.
  • Understanding Confidentiality & Consent when Serving Expectant and Parenting Youth (EPY) – Participants learn the importance of consent and confidentiality, review a guide on Mississippi law regarding minor’s consent and confidentiality when accessing sexual and reproductive health services, and learn tips for ensuring confidentiality and consent of minors.
  • Identifying Needs and Connecting Expectant and Parenting Youth to Resources – Participants learn six steps for making a referral for EPY, identify differences between immediate referral for EPY, and learn how to use referral materials to make appropriate referrals for EPY.

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Continuing Education Credits are offered to participants of these trainings for the following disciplines:

  • Social workers
  • Teachers
  • Certified lactation counselors
  • Licensed professional counselors
  • Certified health educators

PAF Resource Guides

The PAF Resource Guides help service providers and expectant and parenting youth identify medical, social, educational, and social resources available in their community and county. Inside the PAF Resource Guides, you’ll find:

  • Information to help expectant and parenting youth know their rights
  • Details on community resources available in each county
  • Tips to help expectant and parenting youth take care of themselves
  • Information on Title IX and Title X law and what that means for the resources available to expectant and parenting youth
  • Information on contraceptives, and their side effects and effectiveness rates for preventing pregnancy and STIs

There are ten regional PAF Resource Guides for different parts of the state. See the list below to find your region’s downloadable resource guide. 

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