Thursday, May. 16, 2019 from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Teen Health Mississippi, 125 S. Congress St. Suite 1224, Jackson, MS 39201

LGBTQ 102: A Deeper Dive! is part 2 of our 3-part series for the LGBTQ training. This training equips our participants with the difference between gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and sex assigned at birth, describes the OBI (Orientation, Behavior, and Identity) and why it is important for understanding sexual behaviors and how personal attitudes and behaviors impact LGBTQ opportunities to succeed. The training will identify at least 3 privileges LGBTQ are often times denied as compared to students who identify as cisgender and demonstrate the ability to use at least one strategy for responding to challenging and harassing behaviors aimed at LGBTQ community members.

This training is CLOSED to the public.  If you are interested in this training,  please contact