The Mississippi Sex Education Training Cadre is a statewide training cadre comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experience working with a variety of different populations and communities. The goal of this statewide cadre of trainers is to increase the capacity and comfort of sexual health educators throughout Mississippi, particularly in our CHART communities, so that they have the core skills and content knowledge to teach high-quality sex education.


Lead School Nurse/Oxford High School Nurse for Oxford School District

Meg Hayden has been a member of the Mississippi Sex Education Training Cadre since its inception. She was interested in joining the Cadre to help expand quality sex education in Mississippi. She hopes the Cadre can achieve this by reaching out to not only the public school system, but also further into our communities.

Meg is not new to the world of sexual and reproductive health. She has been diligently working to improve our state for several years. After earning an undergraduate degree from The University of Mississippi in 1999, Meg began coordinating a program geared towards pregnant teens and young mothers. She has continued to run this program, “To Love a Child”, through the Exchange Club Family Center in Oxford, MS, since that time.

Her firsthand experiences have revealed the challenges of a lack of education in reproductive health and how it can harm families, communities, and public health as a whole.

Meg’s professional goal/purpose is to empower teens with the knowledge and tools they need to take control of their sexual health. She achieves this goal by utilizing her ability to connect with people. This ability was evident in August of 2012 as she made the shift from the hospital setting to the school setting, marrying her education and nursing backgrounds as the lead school nurse for the Oxford School District and the school nurse at Oxford High School. In this role, she also acts as the abstinence-plus coordinator for the school district. This is currently her 5th year in this role.

“I am honored and thrilled to be a part of this incredible opportunity and group of people,” says Meg Hayden. Her passions include women’s reproductive health, breastfeeding, reproductive health education, and her family and friends. She would love to work with college campuses, community organizations, and faith based organizations to make this type of education available to all of the youth in Mississippi

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