Teen Health Mississippi is a nonprofit that seeks to improve young people’s access to high-quality sex education and youth-friendly healthcare. One way we accomplish our mission is through training trusted adults and building capacity in communities. We believe that when youth and adults work together, whole communities change. We offer training in topics like sexual health and sex education, mental health, youth-friendly healthcare, how to support LGBTQ youth, and how to work with expectant and parenting youth. Here are our training sessions.

Sex Education

Our Human Growth and Development program provides medically accurate and age-appropriate training for elementary school teachers and staff on important topics such as proper names for body parts, the difference between good touch and bad touch, and ways in which they can be a good friend. 

Creating Healthy and Responsible Teens (CHART) is an evidence-based, medically accurate, and age-appropriate program for educators in grades 6-12 whose districts have opted for abstinence-plus sex education and adopted the CHART  initiative. Staff will learn ways to effectively teach young people about healthy relationships, healthy relationships, and communication skills. Educators who complete this training can receive CEUs. 

Foundations Training prepares educators with essential skills to effectively teach sex education. These trainings provide educators with pertinent skills such as climate-building in the classroom, understanding state and local sex education policies, facilitation techniques, values clarification, and more. Educators who complete this training can receive CEUs.

ANSWER Workshops are online workshops that have been developed with our colleagues at Rutgers University to help instructors increase their baseline knowledge on adolescent sexual health issues and comfort and preparedness in teaching sex education. These courses are FREE to educators and are CEU eligible. 

Youth-Serving Professionals

Youth Friendly Healthcare is a series of training sessions for healthcare professionals who interact with young people on any level. These trainings have been developed to improve knowledge surrounding issues and barriers young people face when receiving care, including minor consent and confidentiality laws. 

Our 3-part LGBTQ training series provides parents, trusted adults, and community members with information pertaining to LGBTQ youth that reaffirms, supports, and creates safe spaces. The training touches on topics such as proper terminology, examination of pronouns, the OBI (Orientation, Behavior, and Identity) model, and much more. 

Our 5-part Pregnancy Assistance Fund Training series, also called our Expectant and Parenting Youth series, equips healthcare and education professionals with knowledge on how to work with expectant and parenting youth (EPY). Training participants learn about aspects of working with EPY, including the opportunities and challenges, building trusting relationships, taking a trauma-informed approach, understanding confidentiality and consent, and identifying EPY needs and connecting them to resources.

Social workers and Educators can receive CEUs for participating in this training. 

Youth-Serving Professionals and Trusted Adults

The Askable/Trusted Adult Training Series is for any youth-serving adult or parent to gain knowledge and confidence to talk to their child(ren) about sex, body image, and positive relationships. We offer several trainings such as:

  • What’s Up with Teens These Days?
  • Cyberbullying:  Recognizing Signs & Intervening
  • How to Have “The Talk” with Teens About Sex
  • Building Self-Esteem and Body Confidence among Teens
  • Birth Control 101
  • Intimate Partner Violence

Educators who complete this series can receive 1 CEU for these trainings.

Mental Health First Aid is a course that teaches participants how to identify, support, and connect a person who may be experiencing a mental health or substance misuse challenge to appropriate professional help. We currently offer three different Mental Health First Aid courses: Youth, Adult, and Teen. These courses are a benefit to all because participants learn how to support their community members no matter what stage and issues they may be facing.

Educators and Social Workers can receive CEUs for completing this training.

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