Did you know that Mississippi youth experience higher rates of intimate partner violence, both sexual and physical, than youth in some other states? 

For Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, we’re raising awareness for intimate partner violence, especially among young people.

Domestic Violence v. Intimate Partner Violence

What’s the difference between domestic violence and intimate partner violence? Domestic violence usually refers to violence that is between people who live in the same household. Intimate partner violence occurs between romantic partners who may or may not be living together. Teen dating violence can be any form of abuse that occurs in a youth dating context.

Intimate partner violence and teen dating violence can impact a person’s health, life, and wellbeing, leading to mental health challenges, substance use issues, and risky sexual behavior. Those risky behaviors may contribute to Mississippi’s high rates of STIs and STDs and teen birth rates. 

In the 2021 Youth Risk Behavior Survey

  • 12% of high school students in Mississippi reported experiencing sexual dating violence (SDV)
  • 9.7% experienced physical dating violence (PDV). 
  • 12.3% experienced sexual violence from anyone.
  • 8.5% experienced forced sex.
  • 15.5% of those who identified as female experienced SDV and 9.5% experienced PDV.
  • 11.9% of those who identified as male experienced SDV and 9.6% experienced PDV.
  • 15.3% for those who identify as female and 8.6% for those who identified as male experienced sexual violence from anyone.
  • LGBTQ students reported higher incidents of sexual and physical dating violence when compared to their heterosexual peers.

In most areas related to youth intimate partner violence, Mississippi students reported higher rates than the rest of the U.S. 

We believe that information is power. Our vision is healthy youth and whole communities, and part of that is recognizing and supporting those who have been harmed through dating and domestic violence.

How can you help this October? Here are a few ways.

Be informed

CDC Intimate Partner Violence Fast Facts
CDC Teen Dating Violence Fast Facts

How to Get Involved for DVAM 2023:

Take Action With the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
Wear purple for #PurpleThursday on October 19.
Raise awareness on social media.

How to Help Victims

National Domestic Violence Hotline
—Call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).
—Text “START” to 88788.
National Dating Abuse Helpline: 1-866-331-9474
Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Seek the help of a safe trusted adult.
Keep an eye on our training schedule and social media for our next Intimate Partner Violence or Cyberbullying trainings. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up with our trainings and work.

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