Ever wanted to know more about the staff at THMS?  Here’s a little bit about who they are and how they came to do the work they do today. 

Hey everyone, it’s Triuna Taylor here, and I’m excited to share my journey with all you awesome readers. Life has a funny way of leading us down unexpected paths, and my story is no exception. From dreaming of being a speech pathologist to becoming the Director of Community Based Education at Team Health, Mississippi, it’s been quite the ride. So, buckle up and let’s dive into my story.

Triuna’s Early Years

I come from the small town of Greenwood, Mississippi, but these days, you can find me soaking up the sun in Pensacola, Florida. Back in my teenage years, I had this big dream of becoming a speech pathologist. Little did I know that life had different plans for me.

Triuna’s Journey

I took a shot at pursuing my dream by trying to get into speech pathology courses at the W (Mississippi University for Women). It didn’t quite work out as I planned, and you know what? That’s okay! Life often throws curveballs, and it was during this time that I discovered the field of public health, a decision I’m genuinely grateful for.

Community-Based Education

Fast forward to today, and I find myself as the Director of Community Based Education at Teen Health Mississippi. Advocating for others has always been my passion, and this role allows me to make a positive impact on the health of my community. It’s incredibly fulfilling, and I couldn’t be happier with where life has taken me.

Involvement with Teen Health Mississippi

My journey with Teen Health Mississippi started when I was just 15 years old, thanks to an introduction from the William Winters Institute. Now, I’m leading the charge as the Director of Community-Based Education on the Gulf Coast. One of the absolute highlights of my job is working with young people—the future leaders of tomorrow.

Youth Advisory Council

I have the incredible opportunity to coordinate the SHARE Youth Advisory Council, a fantastic group of young individuals from all corners of Mississippi. Seeing their journey come full circle, from being part of the Youth Council myself to guiding the next generation, brings me immense joy and pride.

Advice to My 15-Year-Old Self

Reflecting on my past, I’d share some advice with my younger self. I’d say, “Make choices not just for now, but with the future in mind. Think 10 years ahead and always speak with the end goal in mind.” It’s easy to get caught up in the present, but a little foresight goes a long way.


My story is proof that life’s twists and turns can lead us to incredible places. Embracing unexpected opportunities and being adaptable are crucial lessons I’ve learned. Whether it’s my commitment to community health or working with young people, it’s a reminder that each person can have a significant impact on the world. So, dear readers, take a page from my book and make choices that pave the way for a bright future!

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